Headquartered in Chicago and founded in 2009, West Mountain (“w-mtn”) is a diversified investment management firm that provides investors with access to a range of private market opportunities. Our private capital strategies include private equity and private credit.

Private Credit
Direct Investments

Private Credit

Our private credit strategy focuses on providing creative and flexible financing solutions to companies looking for a range of financing options. Our credit investment may also include a minority equity component which better aligns interests and enhances returns.

Direct Investment Platform

West Mountain’s Direct Investment Platform was designed and founded on the belief that private investment play a unique and critical role in investor’s total allocation. Our investment approach accelerates growth and provides the resources and expertise to help companies scale. West Mountain’s Private Investment practice was founded on the core belief that expertise matters. As such, West Mountain focuses on industries it believes have favorable long-term dynamics and superior risk reward profiles.

We are operationally-focused, value investors who seek to accelerate growth and help companies scale. We typically prefer situations where companies are willing to retain a member of our expert team internally creating a true partnership dynamic.

Opportunities Across Multiple Sectors

We focus on investment opportunities that are headquartered in North America operating in a number of industries. ​Typical investment candidates include companies that require new capital for growth, strategic initiatives or balance sheet restructurings.

Real Estate

Health & Wellness


Renewable Energy

Manufacturing & Automation